Why HOW ?

Why should you choose us for you or your loved ones aged care at home?
HOW – cares about the quality of services provided and the care delivered to our clients.

HOW – provides a holistic care approach. We believe the client and their carers should determine the type of care they require and have that care delivered exactly how they would like it. If you need a Nurse to assist with medication, but also need a load of washing done, it will be done! It is completely your decision. Even the gardener is a Nurse!
This holistic style of care enables clients to have the one person for many duties, this develops a good relationship between client and staff member and enables a continuity of care. This style of care is far superior to booking a nurse and a cleaner, then a handyman etc.

HOW – is a subdivision of Australian Nursing and Training Services. All our staff are handpicked graduates that have completed their training with ANTS. We know what they can do, the skills they have, and how you will be cared for.

HOW – staff are continually educated and up skilled via our education workshops and continuing education courses.

At HOW – we believe that quality care should be available to everyone. We do not receive funding and even though we well trained staff, we have kept our costs down at the lower end of the price range in the hope that it will be affordable for everyone.

A price guide can be sent to you along with a comparison with other providers.

Why choose Help On Wheels?


As your independent partner, you can count on us to always provide you with unbiased support, every step of the way.


Our experienced team have been helping people navigate their plans since the NDIS started national roll-out in 2016.

Choice and Control

Our services and online tools are designed to put you in control and give you flexibility you need to get the most from your plan.

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